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ICON projects Protego and Trendify approved

Today 5 groundbreaking research projects were approved in the context of an imec.icon call for projects for a total government support of 7.6 million euros. ML2Grow participates in no fewer than two of these projects: Protego and Trendify.

The imec.icon projects, organized by imec and the Flemish Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, are projects that start from an IT need within sectors such as media, healthcare, smart cities, industrial production, energy, mobility or IT. Companies and knowledge centers are working together on a research project. In the 2nd call of 2019, 5 projects were approved today, with ML2Grow participating in two of them.

In the PROTEGO project we have the ambition to let people live comfortably and safely at home for longer thanks to the integration of sensors and Artificial Intelligence. We do this together with partners UGent/imec IDLabZ-plusTelevic Healthcare and Amaron.

In the Trendify project we then again build AI-powered online media monitoring tools for journalists to filter useful information and increase news quality. For this we work together with TrendolizerRoularta and imec/VUB SMIT.

With the academic background of our staff and founders, we have lots of experience in this kind of R&D projects. We also act as subcontractor for other imec.icon projects.

Read more about this imec.icon call in the press release on the website of the competent minister Hilde Crevits. (in Dutch)

Peter Dedecker


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