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Our vision

AI is a ‘breakthrough’ technology that will enable new business models and will help us to solve problems that previously were notoriously hard or impossible to tackle. When applied in an ethical way, AI will have a lasting positive impact on our business and people’s lives.

At ML2GROW, we see the breakthrough of ‘Artificial intelligence’ as the rise of electricity in the 1930s or the internet in the late 1980s. It will become omnipresent and  indispensable, powering various solutions from the background.

Our mission

At ML2GROW, we want to achieve this promised positive impact with ‘Artificial intelligence’ and we firmly believe the technology should not be exclusive to start-ups and the bigger (tech) companies. Therefore, we work hard to find novel ways to decrease the adoption barrier and shorten the payback period. This makes the technology also of value to startups and SMEs.

In addition, we are realists that are on a mission against ‘shiny’ and ‘ticking-the-box’ AI projects and products that do not create value, but only surf the waves created by the current AI hype. These projects often have no real AI technology, nor do they bring any value. They are sabotaging the true potential of AI in our society.

Lastly, given AI is a game-changer it requires a more transformative approach. We work to see our models and systems have a real impact on business and people. Therefore, we combine our technical expertise with strong focus on integration and AI adoption from the very start. After all, if we are sure its a good idea and we are convinced we can build the system: why waste our time building proof-of-concepts?




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