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We make AI accessible for Flemish SMEs

The Flemish Government accredited ML2Grow and added our startup to the list of recognized suppliers for the “KMO Portefeuille” (SME e-wallet) program. This allows Flemish SME’s to recuperate up to 40% of the cost of an ML2Grow data audit.

Artificial Intelligence provides almost limitless possibilities, but companies struggle to identify the potential. “Many companies think they need a lot of data to start with AI, or they think they need to have an all-digital workflow already in place or that AI is inherently expensive. A data audit provides concrete advice and an investment plan to get you up and running quickly to inquire about the market. The ‘KMO Portefeuille’ (SME e-wallet) program now subsidizes 30 to even 40% of that exercise. The Flemish government brings an AI-powered future one step closer,” says Joeri Ruyssinck, CEO of ML2Grow.

Data audits and development of AI applications

Our start-up not only performs data audits. We also provide our customers with the complete integration of artificial intelligence solutions in their operational environment. Such a project ranges from the automation of recommendations for shoppers to the forecast when a customer is open for a switch towards a competitor. In the port of Antwerp, an application of ML2Grow predicts the available capacity of pilots up to eight hours in advance, while in the past it was only possible to plan twenty minutes ahead.

For ML2Grow, AI must therefore primarily have a business purpose. Joeri Ruyssinck: “Of course it is not about the technology itself, but about the added business value that AI creates. Almost every company has a production system or ERP software with tons of data about customers, operations or orders. SMEs are sitting on a pile of gold that they can mine, but only they can valorize their own data. “

Non-technical and technical training

ML2Grow also provides training to help non-technical personnel identify potential projects with machine learning. Technical staff can also acquire specialized knowledge of machine learning through ML2Grow. These training courses also qualify for subsidies through the ‘KMO Portefeuille’ program.

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