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Smart recommender technology for news providers

A revolution in the news landscape?

You know the feeling, you open your favourite news app at breakfast, after which you are immediately overwhelmed by screaming headlines. You scroll a few times through a swamp of information, but you get quickly distracted by a video with a dancing cat. So much for the news.

Our digital lifestyle has made the world a village, but this also means that news is picked up and distributed much faster than before. You can’t blame the news providers for wanting to appeal to the widest possible audience. The problem is that an oversupply of news makes it more and more difficult to reach and retain that audience. There are already recommender systems that try to find a solution by automatically selecting news items that better match the profile of the user. But in order to keep the reader’s attention and optimize their experience in such a way, there was no answer to that yet. Until now.

Tailor-made news

NewsTAPAS is an innovative system developed by ML2Grow, in collaboration with Roularta Media Group, VRT & Imec. This system will be able to adapt content to the needs and context of the user. A content recommender system is nothing new, but what makes NewsTAPAS unique is that it not only will allow news providers to automatically adapt the news messages to the profile of the user, but also to the type of device, time of day and location.

We want to increase the attention span of the user by tailoring their news experience and keep an overload of information to a minimum. This will greatly increase your user experience.


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