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Development of data-driven food fraud detection

Ciboris is a Center of Excellence for food chain quality, safety and risk assessment. The added value of Ciboris is that our advice to agro-food companies and organisations in the agro-food chain is based on the combination of 3 different elements which makes our advice unique and appoints Ciboris as a reliable partner in topics related to food quality, food safety and risk assessment along the food chain.

  • Scientific knowledge regarding quality management systems, sampling plans, food fraud and risk assessment in the agro-food chain
  • Legal status regarding hygiene and food safety in the agro-food chain
  • Implementation of quality management systems in actors of the agro-food chain

Companies and consumers are regularly confronted with reports about food fraud/authenticity. The most famous food scandal in recent years is probably the horsemeat affair, the fipronil crisis, etc. Because of such incidents, consumer confidence is under pressure, but it also costs food companies a lot of money. The government (EU level) responded with amended legislation, the establishment of the EU Food Fraud Network and the Food Fraud Knowledge Center. Furthermore, it is advisable for food companies to perform a vulnerability assessment to food fraud for raw materials and their process and to draw up a control plan to reduce such risks. Ciboris has its own tool available to perform such analysis and this can be applied on your company level and further integrated in the food quality systems. Further, advice on analytical methodology, with its pro and contra, can be given to interested companies.

Short description

  • Ciboris, the Center of Excellence for food chain quality, safety and risk assessment
  • Innovation company in the international Primoris Holding

Work performed:

  • Developing machine learning techniques to detect fraud in the food chain

Added value:

  • Making efficient use of modern large data-generating analysis tools
  • Identification of food authenticity markers


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